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Word on the Street: Pride Week 2015

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Pride Week 2015 has officially begun and CAMH is proud to be celebrating diverse sexual and gender identities, histories, and cultures.

We asked CAMH employees – some members of the LGBTIQ community, others not — to share their thoughts on the importance of celebrating LGBTIQ Pride in the workplace. Here’s what they had to say:

IMG_Aaron-220Aaron Prosser, Research Analyst 2
For me, celebrating LGBTIQ Pride at CAMH means championing for the universality of love; holding fast to the belief that love unites and includes, it doesn’t divide or exclude. I believe that this is important because I can’t think of a greater, nobler task for a person to undertake than to be a champion of love.

IMG_Catherine-220Catherine Money, Recruitment Manager
I celebrate LGBTIQ Pride because, as an ally, it is important that I show my support for my friends and colleagues who identify with this community. The celebration at CAMH is always a fantastic event!

IMG_Dion-220Dion Carter, Manager of Diversity and Equity
I feel fortunate to be at CAMH; a work environment where I’m comfortable being who I am. I think it’s important to feel free to celebrate Pride, regardless if one is LGBT+ or an ally. We’re all unique individuals, and being part of an inclusive organization like CAMH further promotes awareness and understanding.

IMG_Chanta-220Chanta Baier, Human Resources Manager
It’s an opportunity for me to celebrate alongside my colleagues and good friends and demonstrates my commitment to equality.

I’m proud that CAMH honours LGBTIQ Pride in such a prominent way as it is one of the many celebrations that reinforce the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

IMG_Lyndon-220Lyndon Tang, Administrative Assistant in Organizational Development
It’s a perfect way for CAMH to demonstrate its diverse and inclusive workplace culture. I also think it’s a great way for CAMH to show support for LGBTIQ clients, who may have had their mental health problems exacerbated by marginalization.

IMG_Janet-220Janet Mawhinney, Director of Community Engagement
LGBTIQ Pride at CAMH is an important part of being an inclusive organization – across a whole range of diversities. I believe it’s incumbent upon us to actively demonstrate that we welcome diverse voices and foster an equitable organizational culture, and equitable and inclusive care and service. It’s our job to reach across the barriers and experiences of exclusion, oppression and bias – to say – and demonstrate – you are welcome here, you are part of us.

IMG_Michael-220Michael Antwi, SAMI Research Coordinator
Celebrating LGBTIQ pride at CAMH means embracing difference, promoting diversity, and exercising unity and inclusivity. In a world, rife with prejudice and inequity, it warms my heart to see CAMH taking strides towards bridging divides and tearing down the walls of discrimination an injustice that prevent progress.

I think celebrating Pride is important because this allows us to acknowledge the progress the LGBTIQ and the broader community has made hitherto and also strategize on how we can improve our current situation and work towards a better tomorrow!

Inclusion, acceptance, and an appreciation of difference are nonnegotiable at CAMH. We are proud to have been voted one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers and know that as an organization we are collectively working towards a stronger and brighter future.

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