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Standing Together in Pink


By Olivia Heffernan, NYAC Co-Facilitator, and Maree Rodriguez, NYAC member

The idea for Pink Shirt Day started when a student came to school wearing a pink shirt and was made fun of for wearing it. Two students in the school heard about this incident and decided to do something about it. They went to their local discount store and bought fifty pink shirts and asked other students to wear pink in support of the student who was bullied. NYAC’s Olivia and Maree share their experiences with bullying, to raise awareness about this ongoing issue and important awareness day. Read more

Never Goin’ Back

CZ 2012By Catherine Zahn, President and CEO, CAMH

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an op-ed commenting on an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA). In the AMA article, three ethicists argued that the movement to deinstitutionalize the mentally ill has been a failure. The op-ed author reiterated the fact that deinstitutionalization has failed those who suffer acute mental illness – and that would be true. However, I was disappointed to hear her go on to say that rather than recalibrate supports for our patients in the community, we should go back to the olden days. Read more

The Maple Leafs Shoot… And Score with Mental Health Awareness


By Dr. Donna Ferguson, Psychologist with the WSIB Psychological Trauma Program

Mental health advocacy initiatives are important in spreading awareness so that people feel more comfortable talking about mental illness. It’s important for people to be able to come out and admitting they have a mental health issue, so they can reach out to attain appropriate help and resources.

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to be involved in one such initiative – the NHL’s Hockey Talks campaign. I was invited by the Toronto Maple Leafs to speak about mental health, stigma, stress, and awareness at the Air Canada Centre during the TML Talk segment in the morning. While I’ve done media interviews before, my experience doing this media interview today has been a powerful one, particularly to help raise awareness and stop the stigma around mental illness within a demographic who may not be aware of its prevalence in society or who may feel uncomfortable raising the issue. Read more

Mental Health and the Family


By Dr. Donna Ferguson, Psychologist with the WSIB Psychological Trauma Program

Dealing with mental illness is difficult for the individual diagnosed with a disorder. However, it can also be tough for those around the individual such as friends, and particularly, family members. While it’s absolutely important for the individual to be focused on their recovery, we often don’t think about the impact it can also have on family members. Read more

The Problem with Perfectionism


On February 5th, as a part of the kickoff to Psychology month at CAMH, one of Canada’s most prominent Psychologists Dr. Martin Antony presented at Grand Rounds to a packed room at Queen Street and across CAMH as people tuned in online. Dr. Antony is Chair of the Department of Psychology at Ryerson and is internationally recognized for his work in developing interventions for a range of mental health concerns.

At Grand Rounds Dr. Antony spoke about perfectionism – a trait that is in some contexts considered an asset but can also seriously compromise mental health and quality of life. Here, he and his graduate student, Hanna McCabe-Bennet blog about perfectionism – its nature and the pitfalls and strategies to address it.

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