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Ending Homelessness in Ontario: Addressing the Mental Health and Functional Needs of the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us

HomelessnessBy Dr. Sylvain Roy, Neuropsychologist and the Lead Clinician at the CAMH’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Assessment Service.

Today is #BellLetsTalk – a day where thousands of Canadians speak up in support of mental health and come together to address the issues associated with stigma. It’s a day when, as a society, we say no one should feel guilty or shameful when asking for help. It’s a day to imagine an Ontario in which mental healthcare is readily available to everyone when needed. We are not there yet. We are still living in a reality in which the most vulnerable amongst us, arguably the homeless, are not able to access timely mental health services, sometimes with tragic consequences. Read more

Redefining Stigma in the workplace

Workplace-stigmaBy Dr. Carolyn Dewa, Head of the Centre for Research on Employment and Workplace Health and Senior Scientist/Health Economist at CAMH

Chances are if you ask a group of people to list the challenges that someone experiencing a mental illness faces, stigma would be somewhere near the top. But, what is stigma exactly? Webster’s dictionary defines stigma as, “a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something.” Is stigma just a set of negative beliefs? The dictionary definition is somewhat narrow. Researchers from the UK assert that stigma is more than beliefs. In fact, stigma encompasses breakdowns in knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. Or, in everyday terms, it is ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination. Read more

This Isn’t the End


By Byron Clarke, former CAMH client & Elizabeth’s son

I had it all planned out. It was going to be a surprise; well not entirely. She had accidently seen the ring come in, so she knew the proposal was coming but she didn’t know when, where or how. Read more

A Mother’s Story

A mother's storyBy Elizabeth Scott, a Toronto-based writer and editor

What does one do when the child they love dearly doesn’t seem to understand that you care for them, and wish to help them in any way that you can? It’s an impossible situation to be in – frustrating, disheartening, and one in which you feel crushed.

That’s exactly where I found myself in February 2003. Read more