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Health equity means equitable care

Health equity is concerned with creating equal opportunities for good health for all people, reducing avoidable and unjust differences in health among population groups.

While mental illness and substance use can affect anyone, people in less advantaged groups have a higher chance of poor mental health due to their social and economic circumstances. The critical role of poverty, unemployment, inadequate housing, discrimination, racism and other forms of social exclusion in creating inequities in mental health has been well documented. Read more

Addressing trauma is part of recovery

Jennifer Chambers is Coordinator of the Empowerment Council, an independent voice for clients of mental health and addiction services. CAMH funds the Empowerment Council, based on the best evidence that a partnership between an independent  client voice and a health care facility is the ‎best way to get representative and meaningful engagement. In this guest post, Jennifer sheds light on the need for more trauma-informed care. Read more