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Gardening promotes recovery

For the past ten years, the Sunshine Garden program has encouraged CAMH clients with an interest in gardening to participate in planning, planting, watering and weeding the green space at the south end of the CAMH Queen Street campus. A partnership between CAMH and FoodShare, the program uses horticulture as a way to provide clients with transferable skills, like teamwork and entrepreneurship. Read more

Green space and mental health

Access to green space is an important part of healing and recovery. Earlier this year, as part of the special Mental Health Matters series with TVO,  Alice Liang spoke about the importance of incorporating green space into design and public spaces. Liang is the chief architect of the CAMH Queen Street Redevelopment project. Read more

Diabetes and mental health: What you need to know

In April, The Canadian Diabetes Association released (CDA) its 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada (CPGs). The new guidelines now include a section on diabetes and mental health, stemming from the increasing research demonstrating a relationship between mental health disorders and diabetes. Read more