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Sending a message to end stigma

Enhancing health care professionals’ knowledge and understanding of the negative impact of stigma on patient-care outcomes can make a meaningful difference in the attitudes and perceptions of those individuals who treat patients with mental illness and addictions. Read more

DSM Diary: Part 3

May 20
For a change, I decided to spend the morning at a research session unrelated to DSM5.

And I am amply rewarded, reminded that research and debate on classification systems is among the least interesting and clinically meaningful areas of research. Read more

DSM Diary: Part 2

Another sunny and warm day, even at 6:45 a.m. as I approached the hall, where a 12-kilometre fun run (from the Bay to the Breakers) had started. There were over 50,000 participants (some running, some walking, some being carried aloft) having a ball, mostly in outlandish costumes and many men and women in no costume. As in completely naked. Jogging and being completely naked are not entirely compatible in terms of attractiveness, but relaxed pride in nudity was really something to see. It may have been a Guinness Book of Records event for collective happiness. Read more

DSM Diary: Part 1

I have always kept travel diaries, if only to remind myself of where I have been, what I’ve eaten and what I’ve done, given the unreliability of my memory. They are not usually about work but rather about escape from work. What follows is a distilled account, leaving out excruciating details of my hotel room and meals that bookended the 6 hours per day of psychiatric meetings in windowless rooms that I dutifully attended. The launch of a new diagnostic coding system seemed a nodal event in psychiatric history, at least based on media coverage. It turned out to be something rather less than the discovery of penicillin, fire, or even falafel. Read more

Saturday Star section on CAMH: the inside scoop

Over the past four weeks, the Toronto Star has taken an inside look into some of the stories that shape CAMH. On June 8, CAMH will be featured in a special supplement themed ‘closing the gap’ which profiles the many ways we work to help transform the lives of those we serve. From research and innovation to clinical treatment and community supports, CAMH is breaking new ground and giving hope to those with addiction and mental illness. Read more