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Genes, the environment and brain development in mental illness

On March 5, CAMH and Jarvis Collegiate Institute will present a Café Scientifique that focuses on teen and youth mental health. Hosted and moderated by CTV’s Pauline Chan, this talk will feature three CAMH scientists as well as a performance by spoken word artist Mustafa Ahmed. Read more

NCR Bill: Searching for balance

The Federal Government has announced the Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act that proposes changes to the ‘Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCR)’ process.  If passed, this Act will represent a shift in how Canada views and treats a vulnerable minority of people with mental illness. Read more

Stories that got us talking about mental health

Today is the third annual Bell Let’s Talk Day, a day dedicated to inspiring open discussion about mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. Since last February, the topic of mental illness has frequently appeared in mainstream media – from news headlines to Hollywood blockbusters.  Read more

Can we talk? CAMH supports Bell Let’s Talk Day

February 12 is Bell Let’s Talk Day – a day dedicated to fighting stigma by encouraging open discussion about mental illness. To support this initiative, CAMH is working with Bell networks to produce exclusive content focused on mental health that will be featured throughout the day. Read more

Cyberbullying: a covert threat

To kick-off Psychology Month, CAMH hosted a forum on cyberbullying with Senior Scientist Dr. David Wolfe and Toronto Police Constable Daniel LeClerc. The forum explored the nature of cyberbullying, its harmful impact, and ways to prevent it.  Read more